SoundSafe story

Experience comes first

As a specialist in the Agri-food industry, We have a deep knowlege and experiecne (more than 14 years) not only to decrease the waste for fresh fruits and vegetables but also optimize energy consumptions



Our mission and vision

Our mission is to extend the life of fresh fruit and vegetables by providing non-chemical, non-ionizing, and highly energy-efficient technology, which will reduce wastes by up to 70%. Our vision is to have this technology applied worldwide and make it a standard procedure to treat fresh agricultural products to extend the shelf life and reduce wastes.


Our activity

  • SoundSafe provides an innovative solution to reduce waste and increase the post-harvesting life of fresh agriculture products using customized microwave and ultrasonic technology.
  • We preserve not only the biological characteristics of fresh products but also its healthful components. We managed to increase the post-harvesting time more than three times for mushroom, strawberry, blueberry, and tomato.
  • We have reduced the wastes of tested products by up to 70%.