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How does Soundsafe prevent wastes?

By emission of customized microwave and ultrasonic irradiation, we stop the biological activity of yeasts and fungi on the surface of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Does Soundsafe maintain quality?

Using SoundSafe solution, fresh products keep their high-quality texture and tastes. We have no impact on food quality.

What technology does Soundsafe include?

SoundSafe applies customized ultrasonic and microwave irradiation combined with image processing to emit the most optimized radiation to stop the continuous decay in fresh agricultural products.

Is Soundsafe safe?

Both ultrasonic and microwave irradiations are approved by FDA and are classified as safe applications. Ultrasonic technology is applied for various disease diagnosis and pregnant women and is entirely secure.

How can we use the SoundSafe solution?

Working with this solution is very easy. First, put the fruit in the entry of the machine; the rest is automated! Receive the fruits or vegetables at the exit.

What if I have a food allergy?

The SoundSafe solution doesn't produce any allergic materials in its process. So don't worry at all.

What type of agri-food can you treat?

For now, tomato, strawberry, blueberry, cherries, mushroom, sweet pepper, and apple can be treated with the SoundSafe technology to extend the post-harvest life.

How can I invest?

If you are an active investor or are already an active part of the food supply chain in Europe, You are more than welcome to contact us and find out our offer.

How can I be part of your team?

We are currently recruiting food scientists and data scientists in chemistry, food, and agriculture. Please contact us.

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